Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Gita reflection Ch 2 verses 27 & 28

21st February 2024 

  • It is important to note that no religion believes that the body is immortal or deathless, as it is evident that all bodies will eventually pass away. 
  • Believers are aware that there is something beyond the physical body that will experience either heavenly or hellish realms after death.
  • It is also important to understand that just as thoughts come and go, so do our experiences through our senses and the mind. Nothing remains forever, and everything in this world is constantly changing.
  • Anxiety and worry are emotions that arise from the ego, which refuses to let go of things. 
  • The ego's nature is to be possessive and to hold onto the hope of finding happiness in the ever-changing world of things and beings.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Gita reflection Ch 2 verses 25 & 26

 20th February 2024

  • We can overcome our mundane worries in two ways. The first is by counting our blessings, comparing them to the suffering of those who can't even meet their basic needs for life, like hunger, thirst, and shelter. 
  • The second way is by uplifting our thoughts towards our higher self, which is immutable, unchanging, and eternal. While the first way offers temporary relief, the second provides permanent and everlasting comfort. 
  • Life is full of changes that we can't avoid. To help us cope with them, we can keep the mantra 'Even this will pass away' in our minds. 
  • At the start of each day, when we flip to the next date in our daily calendar, we can remind ourselves that the past is gone, the future is unknown, and all we have is the present moment to face with a fresh mind, free from worries.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Gita reflection Ch 2 verses 23 & 24

 19th February 2024

  • The Self is Sanatana - available everywhere and always remains the same.
  • Wherever you go, there you are! You can never be absent nor you experience your own absence!
  • Death is the absence of everything but you!
  • Knowing and abiding in the Self, one recognizes that it is the same Self that the ancient seers of the past have realized in their own hearts.
  • At once, you will be with them experiencing the same eternal bliss!

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Gita reflection Ch 2 verses 21 & 22

 18th February 2024

  • The sorrows associated with death are directly related to all attachments. 
  • What you are will never be lost. What you are not, you never truly own!
  • The body's destiny is death; the mind's destiny is rebirth. The soul has no destiny, it only has a destination - Liberation!
  • While journeying toward this destination, the soul has to repeatedly experience the destiny of the body and the mind. This is called praarabdha.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Gita reflection Ch 2 verses 19 & 20

 17th February 2024

  • Philosophy of the East is about the eternality of the Self, though it is beyond the comprehension of the mind. 
  • The Oneness of the Self and God is established by the fact that eternality is not limited by time, space, and causation which is also the nature of God!
  • That which is unborn doesn't cause anything and it cannot die because it is not an effect. For, death is nothing but the effect merging into the cause.
  • Upon realizing oneself as the eternal Self alone one can truly live without fear of change and death. 
  • Death is not the end of life; it is only the suspension of its expression through the body, just as a broken bulb cannot emit light though the power is still present!

Friday, February 16, 2024

Gita reflection Ch 2 verses 17 & 18

 16th February 2024

'The words "Fight, O Son of Bharat" means that it is a religious call to every Hindu to discard his defeatist mentality and face whole-heartedly and sincerely, the situations in every given field of his life at every given moment of his existence.'- Swami Chinmayananda

    • Pure existence is 'Real' in philosophy and the same in the Hindu religion is 'God'
    • From the religious standpoint, everything that 'exists' is God and therefore, everything is worthy of worship
    • From the philosophical standpoint, everything 'exists' eternally and nothing perishes. All changes are only temporary changes of name and form
    • No one can 'know' God but feel His presence as eternal 'existence' within oneself. A continuous awareness of this is the sadhana for every seeker. 

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Gita reflection Ch 2 verses 15 & 16

 15th February 2024

  • The play of ignorance in our mind is like that of a magician on the stage - showing the unreal as real by obscuring the real from our vision
  • Sri Krishna enlightens us: 'The permanent Self is never absent; the temporary self is not truly present at any time.'
  • Ignorance is Self-forgetfulness - the inability to recognize one's permanent Self as oneself and that leads us to assume what is closely comprehended  as oneself such as mind, body, senses, etc.
  • If you ask a year-old child, 'Who are you?', it is very likely that the child will innocently look at the mother or father. It doesn't have an answer to that question since no identification as 'I am so and so' with the body etc has been formed.
  • That is not the case with us. We have so much to talk about ourselves with no awareness of the true Self which each one of us is!

Gita reflection Ch 2 verses 27 & 28

21st February 2024  It is important to note that no religion believes that the body is immortal or deathless, as it is evident that all bodi...